About Us

Jatts Multimedia Services (JMS) is a media portfolio company with niche expertise in PR, ICT, digital advertisement and journalistic services. It was registered in 2018 (RC:2716952) and has, hitherto, made itself an enviable and award-winning brand in the media business.

The company is reputably renowned for its consistent professional deliveries through the use of modern equipment, competent workers and customer relationship management.

Jatts Multimedia Services is focused on delivering on-demand solutions that are commercially viable at improving business goals with maximum returns on investment.

The company is committed to helping individual/corporate brands achieve digital success in marketing and promoting their values.

What we do

...wowing your brand for marketability.
Public Relations

We offer professional representation and maintenance of a sellable brand or appealing public image for companies, organisations or individuals.


We push your company's products or services to targeted audiences. This is done via irresistible media contents across different (print, online & electronic) platforms.

Contents Creation

We undertake the service of creating media and journalistic contents; such as still/motion graphics, CVs, proposals, business plans, speeches, articles, blog-posts, biographies, etc. Also, we ghostwrite, edit and proofread books.


We manage and promote events. We supply professional emcees/corporate anchors, decorators or ushers to organisations or individuals in need of their services.

Training & Consulting

We provide training and certification for aspiring mediapreneurs through our duly registered media academy. Also, our media consultancy services are opened to individuals and corporate organisations.


We provide an electronic platform where goods and services can be sold or purchased. The platform facilitates the acceptance of electronic payments for online transactions.


We're specialists in the art of capturing your enlivening moments in both photos and videos. We're into modelling, outdoor and studio photography. We do the shooting; just do the smiling at the happy memorials.

Online TV

Our resource broadcast outfit -- Jatts Tv --brings live updates about incidences (news, programs, interviews, documentaries, shows, etc) around the world. Jatts Tv provides an online platform for live coverages of social/corporate events.

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Meet The Team

We've got a team of passionate and resourceful individuals that are reliably competent to handle your tasks.
Sunday O. Oladepo
The CEO/Customer Success Expert at Jatts Multimedia Services. He's a journo, public speaker, writerholic, and social critic.
Esther Adeosun
Esther Adeosun
The HR/Administrative Secretary at Jatts Multimedia Services.
'Tolu Akande
Business/Marketing Expert at Jatts Multimedia Services. He's a trained and certified Architect.